About Carrie

I am an artist and writer based in Los Angeles since 2002. My background is literature, critical theory, and sculpture. I'm a self-trained D.I.Y. engineer-of-sorts, an art-researcher, and inventor. In August of 2013 I was awarded my first US utility patent, No. 8,499,960 B2. It describes the integral storage container comprised of multiple, concentric, but independent glass spheres that was fabricated by my co-inventor, scientific glassblower Bob Maiden.

The nexus between the disciplines of science, art, and engineering is where I do my work, both in writing and art. The artwork I make is conceptually driven, multidisciplinary and occasionally collaborative; this has included installation, performance, text, drawing, and experiential, multi-sensory works often using fragrance. Since I moved to Los Angeles, I have been focused on several important cultural and economic engines of the area — aerospace, film (specifically science fiction and props) and the science and technology of space exploration. Popular discourse around these subjects, and especially astronautics and astronomy, is particularly interesting to me.

I am also a professional writer and editor. Essays, reviews and critical articles have been published in art and culture publications like SculptureFlash ArtX-TRAArtillery, and (before it died) Artweek. Essays have been included in a few books, which I link to elsewhere on this site. After I graduated with my M.F.A. from UC Irvine in 2001, I taught in various Southern California universities, including graduate-level coursework in the visual art department at Cal State Fullerton for 10 years. My publishing company, DoppelHouse Press, specializes in art and architecture and also publishes The Nomadic Journal (TheNomadicJournal.com).

contact: carriepaterson@gmail.com